General Rules of all Contests here and you
  • This site is not supposed to be used directly by kids under 13 years of age. It is expected that child's parents or well wisher would register on and then add the kid to their profile. Henceforth, child should participate in the contests under the guidance of a mature person.

  • A child can be added to the profile of only one user. Same child should not be added by multiple people like by father, uncle or aunts. Hence, before adding a child, please inform the child's parents.

  • Management can ask for original identity and date of birth proof of the child. We also reserve the right to hold the prizes until we receive such proof when asked for.

  • Registration for a Contest
  • Every child will be eligible to participate in only one category of any contest (categorization given on the contest page)

  • All the uploads and information (except date of births & email addresses) are made public on the website so that users can rate the uploads. Hence, information put on the website must be carefully reviewed. This is one of the reasons why children are allowed to participate only under the guidance of an adult.

  • Winners of the contest registered via our partner site Gungroo will also get a surprise gift.

  • Chacha Chaudhary
    Participate in a Contest
  • All the cash prizes will be always be in the form of a cheque issued in the child's name.

  • Whenever there is a tie in any category; generally younger kid would be declared as a winner.

  • First round of uploading images is ONLY for deciding finalists. Final winners will be decided only by the performance exhibited during live contest.

  • All the uploads will firstly be approved by our team before they are available for public.

  • Rating for all competitions will be enabled ONLY after file uploading round has ended.