How competition for kids works

Register on for Free: This step is required only once. Parent or a well-wisher of the child registers at and add kids to their profile. Once registered, we will keep them informed of any contests hosted for their kids. These contests can be based on looks, painting, drawing, puzzles or anything kids might be good at.

The workflow below is generic in nature for competitions organized on This workflow will vary depending on individual contest. For exact details, please refer rules of individual contests.

  1. First round
    • User registers each kid for an ongoing contest by a single click.

    • When participation for the contest is opened, parent (or guardian) will be required to upload pictures or documents as per guidelines provided. After this phase; kids cannot register or participate in the contest. All uploads are kept confidential during this stage.

    • After participation phase, the competition is opened for rating. All uploads are rated by users of

    • Based on ratings by the users and inputs from our panel of judges; kids are selected for semi-final round.

  2. Semi finals
    • Based on the contest, all semi-finalists will compete through one of the following:
      • By uploading video of child as per guidelines of the contest.

      • Video/Tele Conferencing where a challenge corresponding to the contest will be given on the spot.

      • Participating in a live contest. In this case, this round will be the final round.

  3. Finals
    • Child participates in a live contest. All information about the venue and date will be informed about.

    • Final results will be declared and prizes distributed to the winners. All finalists will receive a certificate.