Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here; please refer Rules. If still you have a question unanswered; please drop an email to

Registration on
  • How do I get referral prize ?
    • Tell your friends and family about and you will win a surprize gift if you refer atleast 20 friends. Referral is counted only when the referred user registers and atleast one of his/her kid participates in atleast one contest. Creation of fictious accounts will dis-qualify you from this prize.

  • Why should I register on ?
    • At Crafted Kids we provide you with a completely unique and extra ordinary platform to show off your kidís talent with an unmatchable feature of stress free yet jaunty competitive environment where your kid can be at her best while competing against Indiaís ace talents without being bothered by the ever-troubling contest fever.

  • Do i have to be the parent of child to add him/her on my profile ?
    • No, you do not have to be the parent of child. Please create an account with in your name ( not in the name of parents ). While adding the child to your account specify the relationship with child correctly and take consent from the child's parents.

  • Is it free ?
    • No purchase is required to enter the contests. It is absolutely free to register and participate in the contests.

  • Registration for a Contest
  • What is the date considered while calculating the age ?
    • For registration; age is calculated as on date of registration while for contests age is calculated as on start date of contest

  • What if a registered child crosses his/her age to be in the respective group s/he presently is? Does s/he get disqualified from the ongoing contest ?
    • No. For registration & participation, age would be always calculated as on start date of the contest.

  • Can the participant register in several competitions ?
    • Absolutely yes if child fits into any of the categories of contest.

  • I registered my kid on, and so did my dad. According to the rules, we cannot do so. Now what ?
    • Ideally this should not have happened because your dad should have taken permission from you before adding the child to his profile. Somehow, if same child is added to multiple profiles and realized later, one of the user can always remove the child from his profile.

  • Participate in a Contest
  • What if someone gets the drawing or essay done by another person and uploads on behalf of his child ?
    • This kind of manipulation is not possible for contests like 'Cute & Smart kids'.
      This is a platform for kids. We request everyone to keep it clean. If anyone gets involved in such malpractice, he is not sending good message to his kids. To identify such participations, we have semi-final and final round. We always compare the performance of kid in different rounds and expect some level of consistent performance. On identification of such uploads, the kid is disqualified to participate on for ever. Also, it will lead to humiliation of parents and child during the live contest.

  • For participating in contests, can I upload a professional studio photo ?
    • We do not prefer professional photos. We highly appreciate photos and videos taken by normal point-and-shoot cameras.

  • How can we be sure about the contests being fair ?
    • The first two rounds will be judged by the users of Crafted Kids themselves and a panel of our own judges. To avoid any manipulations by the users, the semi-final contest requires a video submission of the exhibition of the kidís talent. Further still, the final round will be offline. Thus organization of fair competitions and the maintenance of minimal stress level have been focused upon.

  • Where would the final contests be ?
    • It can happen in any of the metro city of India. As we are a Bengalaru based company, first couple of live contests will be in Bangalore.

  • Can an entry already submitted be altered ?
    • Yes they can be modified or deleted only while contest is open for participation. Once the competition opens for rating or results; all modifications are restricted.

  • What if someone copies the idea of my uploads ?
    • This is the reason why all uploads will remain private until the contest is Open for Rating by other users. Once the contest opens for rating, no one can make changes to their uploads.

  • What exactly would be weightage of judges and individuals rating individually ?
    • This can change with time and contests. As of now we have fixed it at 50% each.